A b o u t


My name’s Katie,I started out as a dream analyst in 2005,working for Australia’s major teen magazine Dolly (dolly.com.au) as a dream doctor and also wrote a dream dictionary for them.
I studied Anthropology at university,and am partly of african descent from a tribe called the mpondo or xhosa,in this tribe women are often called to be amagqirhas (shamans) and I dreamt myself that I was one many years ago.Their main role is in The interpretation of dreams for healing,illness,psychological problems,finding your purpose etc etc.
I consider myself a sort of amagqirha,but am also fond of Jungian theory (jung),mythic interpretations and other dream interpretation methods but above all using my sacred intuition to guide the way.

My other passions are Myth & folklore,fairy tales,painting,writing,antiques,tiny houses,reading,illustrating,art,poetry,history,spirituality,genealogy,natural medicine,tribal europe and everything Celtic and British Isles.
I love the Slavic countries (Eastern Europe) too.

I’m mostly Irish,African and British.(with a little German and Dutch)


I can be contacted at katiegreatbatch at mail.com (not gmail) ,or more easily the contact page.