That terrible fury the morrigu


I spent two weeks on this painting working completely intuitively allowing the dark world of the feminine to emerge I desperately wanted to incorporate a myriad of symbols connected with the morrigan such as the crow and settled on a crow mask she wears.I indentified with badb when I was younger and badb is blabla. morrigan is a battle goddess she is noted by the war cry something I was also fascinated with when young and collected pictures of ancient heads in war cry blurb about war cry.

she is an Irish triple goddess  along matcha,badb etc.She sleeps with the dagda and gives him his sovereignty,she is the nightmare queen.some have connected her to the blabla Morgan Le fay I prefer to call her the morrigu,I feel her energy is dark and catastrophic but my painting ended up rather tame the title is that terrible fury the morrigu.

quotes from morrigan book,

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